How do you noize? (Tips&Tricks)

During the test phase of the new Denise plugin called Noize 2, I ended up discovering how creative producing with noise samples can be.
I literally changed the way I approach sonic textures and frequencies.
Old tricks for sure, but sometimes having a new tool – like for example a plugin which lets you apply noise in such an adaptive and tweakable way may change completely your workflow. Makes you feel like a newbie again 🙂

One of the best small tricks I found lately is with a crowd sample for “choir” sections.
Check it out:

I’ve gathered a few more ideas here, for drums, synths, check them all out in the site player. And if you have any suggestions, I’m waiting for them in the comments or wherever!

Berlin Sounds – The day we went sampling the city.

For the release of Noize 2, the new noise generating plugin which has a *load sample* feature, Cecil, Joe, Rob from Denise and I went around our favorite spots in Berlin to record its sounds and noises and the video maker Diego Delgado documented it.
We’ve created Berlin Sounds, a pack of 39 samples recorded in 16 locations.