How do you noize? (Tips&Tricks)

During the test phase of the new Denise plugin called Noize 2, I ended up discovering how creative producing with noise samples can be.
I literally changed the way I approach sonic textures and frequencies.
Old tricks for sure, but sometimes having a new tool – like for example a plugin which lets you apply noise in such an adaptive and tweakable way may change completely your workflow. Makes you feel like a newbie again 🙂

One of the best small tricks I found lately is with a crowd sample for “choir” sections.
Check it out:

I’ve gathered a few more ideas here, for drums, synths, check them all out in the site player. And if you have any suggestions, I’m waiting for them in the comments or wherever!

Denise / Mixing with pink noise + tips and tricks

Hi y’all nerdy music lovers! 
I’m really happy I’ve recently joined the Denise team.
They are developing amazing plugins and they have a great vision.
In fact, they’ve just released their new noize plugin which is the result of a contest whose winner is JNB, who suggested an adaptive noise plugin.
I’ve been lucky to get my copy in advance and I’m already using it in several productions which are going on at the mo.
And because it’s such a creative tool to experiment with, we thought it would be cool to come up with a blog post with some tips and tricks and a tutorial on pink noise mixing, which has become quite a hot topic lately.

Don’t miss it, and send your suggestions/ opinions!
Read it here:

Also, in the Noize plugin page you can hear how the adapt feature works on an exclusive preview of Kendra Black’s new single which I’m working on!