Bio & Credits

I am an Italian musician, producer and sound engineer based in Berlin.
I studied piano and classical guitar at Conservatorio G. Pergolesi (Fermo, Italy) and mixing/sound engineering with Mr. Tchad Blake at LaFabrique Studio (Avignone).
I’m collaborating with a number of studio/live projects, both on the live and on the studio production and composition side under the alias Lullaby Productions. I make these productions happen in my own studio in Berlin and at studio Noize Fabrik, where I co-work.
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Bands and collaborations as a musician:

The Shell Collector | Nrec
Brain | Tapewhore | Resurrecturis | Sides
Giorgio Serafino | PeopleInMyHead | Serena Abrami
Dziga | Last Union | Jenni Lark | K.Lust
HBRD | Nigredo | Cats Await Takeover

recording on location
analog / digital (hybrid) mixing
credits (partial list)

Kendra Black (New album coming out late 2018) / beatmaking, mixing engineer
Juka Trashy
(2018, Berlin/Denmark/Uk) / mixing engineer
Instant Wellbeing (2018 Spotify) / remix, mixing engineer
Kamikaze Test Pilots (2017, “Stealing Chameleons”, UK/Zimbabwe) / Producer – recording + mixing engineer (Live recorded afro influenced Stoner/Rock)

Lachi feat Styles P. (2017 “Living a Lie”, SONY, NY) / Arrangement/Beatmaking + mixing engineer

Aseptic (2017 “Bipolar”, IT) Mixing Engineer (Djent / Extreme Metal)

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Frig (2017, to be released, RO) Mixing Engineer (Heavy Metal)
Endless 9 (2017, To Be Released, IT) / Producer – mixing engineer (Alternative Rock)
Serena Abrami
 (2017 “Di imperfezione”, IT, Nufabric Records) / Co-author (1 song) – mixing engineer (3 songs) – remixing (1 song) (Indie Pop)
Ottodix (2017 “Micromega Boy”, IT, Master Music) / 3 remixes 
Kendra Black (2017 “Airpack Jet”, 2016 “Tonight”, Love Ego, NY) / Co-author (1 song) – mixing engineering

Last Union (2017 “Most Beautiful Day”, 2017 USA/CANADA/NORWAY/IT) / CoProduction – Vocal Production and CoWriting – Keyboards
Ukronia (2017, to be released) / producer – mixing & mastering engineer
Brain (2017 “Black Holes”, 2017 To Be Released, IT) / full production
Resurrecturis (2016 “Nazienda”, IT / DK, Might Music) / Mastering Engineer – singer
Hell’s Crows (2017 “Hell’s Crows”, IT, Valery Records) / Audio Restoration – mixing Engineer
Francesco Mircoli (2017 To Be Released, IT) / CoArrangement – mixing engineer
I Nomadi (2014 “50+1”, IT) / Co-writer (Hit Single)
Jenni Lark (2016 “Rock After Rock” EP, NY) / Remix
La Farmacia Comunale (2107 To Be Released, IT) / Recording, mixing and mastering engineer
La Polvere (2016 “Leviathan” EP, IT) / Recording, mixing and mastering engineer
Shark In Your Mouth (2016 “Promises”, IT) / Recording engineer
Walk Into The Storm (2014 “Breathless”, IT) / Mixing engineer
Design (2016 “DSRMX”, 2015 “Daytime Sleepwalkers”, IT, This Is Core) / Producer – recording, mixing & mastering engineer + remix
Il Ghiaccio (2013 “The Donner Party”) / Mixing engineer
The Shell Collector (2014 “Medusa”, Tuna Records, IT) / full production / playing (except drums)
Andrea Chiarini (2011 “Cielo Nero”, Top/Edel Records, IT) / re-mastering
O.D.I.O. (2011 “Resolution Formula”, IT) / full production
Edenshade (2011 “Stendhal Got That Close”, Casket/Copro/Warner, IT) / full production
Southell (2011 “Alcohol fueled weed inspired”, IT) / full production
Bothers (2008 “No way out”, Floga records, IT) / full production
Peopleinmyhead (2007 “Converted Music”, IT) vocal rec – mixing engineer
Silvanesti (2004 “Un altro giorno”) / full production