I like to create a different recording and production environment for each production.
Sometimes renting tape recorders and analog consoles, sometimes going for field recording,
sometimes digging deeper with the arrangements.
Each production needs to convey energy in a unique way, and there is no way this can be achieved
choosing the same path over and over. Each song has its own soul, just like each artist.

I love big sounding, raw, unleashed energy and I do love intimacy, warmth, feeling, too: dynamics, art for the sake of communicating and not for the sake of selling itself.
There is no right or wrong in producing music, only braveness.


Equipment list_ 
Mac Pro & Macbook Pro (Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton Live)
2x Steinberg MR816 Interfaces
Handmade SSL G•Comp Analog compressor+ Analog Neumann Summing Bus
Joemeek VC1Q + VC6Q, 2x VTB1, 2x Dbx 163x, FMR NRC (Preamps & Analog Compressors)
Akai 4000 Ds Mk II Tape Recorder
Telefunken Tube Mic, Lewitt LCT640, Oktava MK012, Sm57, Audix i5, Ribbon, lots of…