New city, new studios.

I’m starting to produce in a new environment here in Berlin, where I have moved since November, and I’m pretty excited to announce my subscription as a co-worker at beautiful Noize Fabrik Recording Studio
Couple of weeks ago I enter this new path, marked by beautiful vintage microphones, Neve pres and Telefunken tape recorders, by recording vocals to the new Endless Nine (Italy, Fermo) album. Which I’m now editing in my home studio in Biesdorf.
Hopefully a new series of good collabs and productions will be developed here!

Lullaby Productions

Music recorded / mixed / produced by Enrico Tiberi
Lullaby Productions
Lullaby Productions4 weeks ago
Analog compressors are mythological beasts. Since the first radios started using limiters to raise the volume of the broadcasted music, they have been implemented in studio and some models have become legendary for how they very uniquely color the sound. As a result, nowadays you can buy all kind of clones and plugin emulations and each brand swears by the perfect imitation of the original vibe of those historical units. [ 468 more words ]
Lullaby Productions
Lullaby Productions was live — with Ulrich Fischer in Berlin, Germany.5 months ago
At work on the new Kaon track
Lullaby Productions
Lullaby Productions
Lullaby Productions5 months ago
2018 very rich of collabs and productions. I'm proud to announce my collaboration as producer with Juka, talented Danish artist based in Berlin. The new single "Stolen Moments" is going to be soon released with a video. It's been mixed @ Lullaby Rec. Studio (Berlin) by me and mastered by Pete Maher (London). Follow here:


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